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YOU set the terms!

How It Works

Below are just a few of the termsYOU can decide on


For those homeowners that qualify, this option winds up being one of the most lucrative options. Subject to terms and conditions.


You decide just how long you'll allow for inspection, along with deciding what you will or will not fix. Again, at YOUR DESCRESCION

Closing & Moving

Pick your closing date, and in some cases even a move out date that might be as much as 6 MONTHS AFTER CLOSE.

Pre-Qualified Buyers

Weed out the unqualified "tire-kickers" with deciding just how really qualified a potential Buyer will need to be. Pro tip: eliminates needless showings too.

Showing Windows

"Strategic Showing Windows". Maximum exposure in the least amount of time. We even have an ALL virtual option. YOUIR CALL

Terms & Conditions

"Additional Terms & Conditions" can sometimes be a nightmare, decide on them, if any, from the get-go.

No Lengthy Commitments

Short term listings, because we produce RESULTS, not excuses or reliance upon gimmicks. CANCEL ANY TIME, REALLY!

Get PAID during inspection

Get PAID a NON-REFUNDABLE amount from the Buyer while they inspect your house while performing their due diligence.

Are You Ready to Sell for $1,000s MORE?